Tear Down the Walls that Impede B2B Financial Transactions!

The Berlin Wall was erected starting in 1961, ostensibly to protect Eastern Bloc nations from “fascist elements.” For almost three decades it disrupted the flow of information, emigration, and business transactions between East and West, causing enormous cultural and economic damage. In 1987 Ronald Reagan famously exhorted Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down that wall,” and the wall actually came down in 1989.

Why the history lecture? Because history tends to repeat itself—and history holds lessons for us. Look at what’s happening in the world of B2B financial transactions today. We’re still using the same archaic systems and processes we used in the 1970s, and they’re blocking the free flow of information and money between businesses—across the supply chain.  Despite all of the transformative innovation we’ve seen in the world of technology, B2B financial flows are still every bit as sluggish, incomplete, unpredictable, and inefficient as they were decades ago.

It’s time to bring B2B financial transactions into the modern world. It’s time to tear down the wall that continues to block the smooth flow of commerce across the supply chain.

Take a look at the new white paper published by Traxpay, “[whitepaper-popup pdf_en=”http://traxpay.com/wp-content/uploads/themes/Traxpay_WP_US_FINAL_4.5.pdf” pdf_de=”http://traxpay.com/wp-content/uploads/themes/Traxpay_WP_A4_031813.pdf” lists=”3″]The New World of B2B Financial Flows[/whitepaper-popup].” It describes the root of the problem with modernizing B2B payments and other transactions, the consequences of today’s antiquated processes, and the emerging opportunity for accelerating B2B financial flows. [whitepaper-popup pdf_en=”http://traxpay.com/wp-content/uploads/themes/Traxpay_WP_US_FINAL_4.5.pdf” pdf_de=”http://traxpay.com/wp-content/uploads/themes/Traxpay_WP_A4_031813.pdf” lists=”3″]Give it a read[/whitepaper-popup]. You’ll be pleased to learn there’s finally movement in the modernization of B2B transactions.

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