Validation of Traxpay’s Innovation

World Finance names Traxpay “Best Payment Technology Provider of the Year”.

I’ve always believed in the axiom that what others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. And when a prestigious, respected source has something very positive to say, it’s worth sharing.

This week World Finance magazine announced that it has named Traxpay “Best Payment Technology Provider of the Year” for North America in 2013. Traxpay was selected both by a jury and on the basis of participation from more than 120,000 readers worldwide, making this accolade particularly gratifying—and humbling.

We are honored to be recognized for the innovation we have worked so hard to develop and bring to market. We are proud to help drive progress in the B2B payments market, and glad to receive recognition for the groundbreaking capabilities of our real-time, anytime/anywhere financial transactions platform.

From a broader perspective, this award also shines a spotlight on a movement that is underway within the payments sector: the movement to make B2B financial transactions faster, safer, and smarter for B2B e-commerce, marketplaces, and corporate networks.

Traxpay is dedicated to leading that movement, and we are firmly committed to expanding the innovative capabilities of our products, our base of satisfied, successful customers worldwide, and our reach into new categories of B2B financial transactions.

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