And the Winner is? Our Customers!

Once again the financial world is recognizing Traxpay and our B2B payment offerings as revolutionizing B2B payments—and the industry. After recently winning the prestigious World Finance magazine “Best Payment Technology Provider of the Year” 2013, it is a great honor to now be named a finalist for the Financial World Innovation Award 2013 award as well. While it is a proud moment for us to be recognized by the industry, what gives us the biggest thrill is pioneering a new era of B2B payments and providing our customers with the ability to do faster, safer, smarter commercial transactions, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. It is really our customers that are the winners, and that gives us the biggest sense of pride.

The Financial World Innovation Awards is now in its sixteenth year, and the competition includes many leading financial institutions. Over their sixteen years, the Financial World Innovation Awards have become one of the most important awards in our industry.

We are excited that such an awards event has recognized and rewarded our team’s innovation, creativity, and hard work. It also affords us the opportunity to gather new ideas and new challenges from networking with colleagues and visiting with clients, prospects, and potential business partners.

This type of recognition fuels our passion to be even more creative, more innovative, and more diligent in our efforts to streamline these processes in the B2B world. The peer and industry recognition that Traxpay has received pushes us even farther into the world of streamlining processes, creating simplicity for the customer, along with speed, security, and real-world savings for all our customers.

The future is bright, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

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