B2B E-Commerce Executives Prefer the Desktop for Orders and Payments

Despite the relentless buzz surrounding mobile devices and interactivity, it turns out executives prefer the traditional desktop computer for B2B e-commerce transactions and payments, according to a recent study by the marketers trade organization CMO Council, and the B2B advertising network Netline. Tablets and mobile devices are ideal for surfing and research, but the real decision-making, ordering, and paying gets done on the desktop.

The fact that the conversion rates for desktop use are much higher than that of other devices in e-commerce tends to confirm this finding, as another study showed.

When thinking about how to package digital content to have the maximum effect on the serious B2B e-commerce buyer, it’s important to remember what devices these decision-makers prefer to use to access materials. The office desktop computer was the most popular device, used by 68 percent of respondents in the study, followed by the notebook computer, at 58 percent. It is true, the study showed, that higher-level execs are more likely to own smartphones and tablets than the average consumer, but they are still treating these devices as business aids, and not as their principal means of doing business.

Gearing content to buyers needs is important, given the wealth of formats and systems that e-commerce buyers use in placing orders and doing business. As well as seeking to keep communications as straightforward as possible, e-commerce buyers are often required to follow strict internal and industry regulations; as a result, they require the kind of greater computing power that desktop or notebook PCs can offer.

Conversion rates (the rate at which a user takes action on a website as opposed to simply surfing) are also higher for desktop computers than for other devices in e-commerce, according to Monetate. Throughout most of the past year through July 2013, traditional desktop devices exceeded all other devices for conversion rates, as they have in all previous years. It is true that e-commerce conversion rates on tablets are increasing, but the comfort factor squarely remains on the desktop for now.

As the pressure to succeed in B2B e-commerce becomes ever greater—rather than spend significant sums of money chasing the latest fads in the e-commerce hypecycle—remember to get the transaction basics right, provide iron-clad security for your customers so they can buy with confidence, and make it very straightforward for buyers to convert and to actually pay for your products and services on your site. Read how Traxpay can help you stake your claim in the $7 trillion B2B e-commerce land grab ahead.

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