• MoneyConf 2015 – A Titanic Success  

MoneyConf 2015 – A Titanic Success

When RMS Titanic sailed away on her maiden voyage on April 10th, 1912, she was hailed as ‘the new wonder of the world’. A remarkable feat of engineering, she was the largest and most luxuriously appointed ship ever seen, and despite her tragic sinking five days later, she remains a source of enduring pride in the city where she was built – Belfast, Ireland.

The christening and launch of MoneyConf this week took place at the birthplace of the Titanic – literally – in the same exact location where the Titanic was built, and set out to sea over 100 years ago. And like the Titanic, MoneyConf showcased remarkable feats of engineering (FinTech style), ushering new wonders of the (payments) world. But, unlike the Titanic, I’m happy to report that MoneyConf’s maiden voyage was a success – a huge one.

John Bruggeman, Traxpay’s CEO was asked to kick-off the first ever MoneyConf with his presentation entitled: “You’re ?#@*&%! – The World’s Biggest Bank in 2020…and you didn’t see it coming.” Provocative? Absolutely! But as 2015 European CEO of the Year for FinTech, you would expect him to have a disruptive point of view. Given the standing-room only attendance, clearly people wanted to know what it was. We’ll be sure to make the keynote presentation available shortly on our website, so we invite you check back soon, or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest.


Of course, John’s talk was not the only thing happening at the show. MoneyConf pulls together some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency, including big guns from Bitcoin and Blockchain, to explore how tech is changing finance. Themes of shifting to mobile models, and the role of Big Data in alternative finance, dominated Day 1, and on Day 2 discussions expanded on issues of security, ubiquity, and social change. All interesting areas of discussion in this golden age of FinTech.

However, what I found totally remarkable at MoneyConf – with the exception of Traxpay’s keynote and roundtable discussions – was the stark absence of other B2B FinTech companies, or really a focus on B2B at all. With B2B being at least 10x the size of B2C! It reminds me of the age-old story of two different shoe salespeople who traveled to Africa in hopes of selling their wares. One lamented back to his boss at headquarters that he would not be able to do business in Africa because Africans don’t wear any shoes. The other salesperson called back to his office with unabated excitement and enthusiasm saying, “Good news! Loads of opportunity here in Africa. Africans don’t wear any shoes!” Like that optimistic salesperson, we here at Traxpay are thrilled to be at the forefront of B2B FinTech, and driving the agenda forward for the industry.

So, with thousands having descended on Belfast this week for the first ever MoneyConf, and with two exciting, stimulating, knowledge-packed days, the Titanic Quarter became the center of the FinTech world as it made its debut on the city. In all respects, it was a titanic success. Looking forward to sailing this ship next year.

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