• Traxpay CMO Recognized by Industry as 2015 CMO of the Year for B2B Innovation and Global Markets  

Traxpay CMO Recognized by Industry as 2015 CMO of the Year for B2B Innovation and Global Markets

Lack of innovation in the B2B sector is something that banks and financial institutions are continually criticized for, and rightly so. Increasingly they are turning to young, daring, and dynamic FinTech companies to help them develop services for enterprises who are demanding connected commerce, and the flexibility to conduct business when and where they want – at the speed of light. But while these exciting FinTech companies are certainly forcing disruption in the financial industry, it’s the people behind the company name who are the real innovators.

It is with these tenets that we are especially proud to have our own Chief Marketing Officer, David Desharnais, recognized by Acquisition International as 2015 CMO of the Year for B2B Innovation and Global Markets.

As Acquisition International states, such awards are reserved for “individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care, and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry.”

We think this describes David perfectly. Here is what Traxpay’s CEO had to say about David and the award:

“I convinced David to join me at Traxpay as the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Products three years ago because he is hands down the best software marketing and products guy in the business. With a tremendous track-record of success behind him, a drive that is stuck at full-throttle 24/7, and being a great person to work with across the board, I knew that he was exactly the right person to help Traxpay develop and realize its vision. Three years later, and after nearly a dozen FinTech product and technology awards, a fast-growing list of Tier 1 global customers, a who’s who of industry partners that we collaborate with, and a company that is repeatedly called out as one of the hottest FinTech companies on the planet, it is no surprise to us that David has been recognized by the community for Business Excellence, and as 2015 CMO of the Year. While we are pleased with the progress we’ve made so far as a company, we remain laser-focused on our mission to transform B2B Commerce, and by having the best of the best as part of the Traxpay team, we are bullish about the future. Personally, and on behalf of the broader Traxpay team, we congratulate David on this achievement, and the recognition he so richly deserves.” – John Bruggeman, CEO

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