You’re always secure with Traxpay

Traxpay, in partnership with EFiS EDI Finance Service AG, protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. EFiS EDI Finance Service AG is a trusted Software as a Service (SaaS), private cloud, and data center provider for leading banking, financial institutions, and many of the top international corporations (DAX30) across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Security and system availability are the most important assets for EFiS. As such, multiple external audits are performed by data security experts annually to ensure its state-of-the art security and technologies adhere to the highest standards of cyber security, compliance, and data security laws. EFiS is also committed to Green IT, and continues to be a model corporate citizen in its commitment to decrease environmental impact and carbon footprint from operations.

EFiS continues to achieve certification multiple times per year, and has earned distinction for maintaining and exceeding the highest levels of security and safety on nearly 1000 independent measures and requirements. EFiS is audited by external auditors and security specialists who ensure adherence to strict compliance and regulatory standards including:

MaRisk, GOBS, FAIT 1, DIIR Revisionsstandard (DIIR) und BDSG, IDW FAIT 1
und FAIT2,IDW PS 330, IDW PS 951 and FAIT 3

In addition, as a SWIFT Premium Support Partner, EFiS is audited by SWIFT every year according to the strict standards of the SWIFT Health Check, plus additional individual audits by key customers.

How EFiS Ensures Security and Service Availability


  • EFiS adheres to and surpasses external audits multiple times per year
  • All relevant subcontractors and partners of EFiS are certified by this same standard
  • All employees have signed a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • In accordance with § 11 German Federal Data Protection Act, an “agreement for the purposes of transferring and processing personal data and company data” is in place and enforced
  • EFiS offers the highest service levels (nearly 100% availability)
  • EFiS processes include Business Contingency and Continuity Plans (BCCP) and guidelines on how to react in case of disasters
  • EFiS offers an optional alternate data center plus up to 40 alternate work places for customer employees in case of disaster on customers site
  • EFiS exercises regular risk reviews and maintains detailed internal documentation for key security topics

IT Setup

  • The productive servers and the entire Infrastructure of EFiS are 100% owned and operated by EFiS
  • The servers are physically located in Germany and owned by EFiS
  • The servers are located in different fire districts
  • EFiS maintains quadruple (4X) redundancy across its multiple data centers sites to ensure the optimal level of risk mitigation
  • Each datacenter has at least two independent telecommunication connections and power connections provided by different carriers, plus back-up generators and solar power as additional measures
  • The administrative functions are strictly limited to EFiS system administrators and only accessible via VPN

IT Operations

  • Comprehensive monitoring infrastructure continuously collects information on network, server, operating system and application level
  • The productive systems are built using the most advanced IBM Z-Series platforms and are strictly UNIX-based to ensure the highest level of security, performance and anti-virus protection
  • Every transaction with the EFiS systems is encrypted and adheres to the strictest data and security compliance requirements
  • Payment files are transmitted via mutual authentication based on previously outlined certificates
  • All clients on the EFiS system are strictly and securely logically and virtually separated
  • EFiS maintains multi-year archiving of all protocol data