• Meet the Team: Developer Adrian Gives His Take on Working at Traxpay  

Meet the Team: Developer Adrian Gives His Take on Working at Traxpay

Innovative FinTech products don’t happen without innovative FinTech teams. To hear a little more about the finer points of what goes on at Traxpay on an average working day, we sat down with new team member, Adrian, to discuss his role as a Senior Developer and the unique joys of working for a start-up.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of a start-up?

One of the best aspects is working in a smaller team, because it allows you to make decisions quickly and iterate as needs arise. You don’t get bogged down in too many processes, which means you can set your imagination free to dream up new, innovative ideas.

What does your job involve, and how different is it working in your role for Traxpay versus other companies?

I’m primarily focused on application development, with a special emphasis on the front-end. My experience of working at Traxpay so far is that I can get involved in the entire development process from end-to-end, which isn’t necessarily the case in other companies. Things tend to be more siloed at larger enterprises simply because there are so many departments. So, at Traxpay, I feel like I can really see my fingerprints on the final product.

Is there a sense that you can make a genuine difference to people by working at a start-up?

I certainly hope so. Within FinTech, the challenge is to find a niche that isn’t well catered for and try to achieve solutions for everyone’s good. Start-ups have an advantage in this area because they can iterate quickly and accumulate a lot of experience in their chosen field without the same level of pressure a bigger enterprise might feel. Hopefully the end result is the realization of a small team’s ideas that have a big benefit for everyone else.

And how about Traxpay specifically? How is the company contributing to the future?

With amazing software! In all seriousness, though, although things like “digitization” and “innovation” have become buzzwords, I do believe what we’re doing can make a dramatic difference to the way businesses operate. By optimizing banking processes and making them more transparent, we can add a lot of value to people on an individual level. I think our work in the areas of Supply Chain Financing, our Financing Platform, Blockchain, Augmented and Conditional Payments are really exciting and unique.

How do people usually react when you tell them you work for a start-up?

It varies quite a lot! Some people think it sounds exciting, but others say they’d find it too unstable. I think it just depends on people’s experiences and lifestyles as to which side of the fence they’re on, but personally I really love it.  

Tell us a bit about the team dynamic at Traxpay – what’s it like?

It’s great. The office isn’t too big, which I think is a very positive thing – we aren’t split into lots of different departments. We all sit together and work together. So, if you have a question that needs answered, it’s easy to chat to the relevant person right away. There really is a great teamwork culture, and we all share a passion for creating new products and overcoming challenges. That passion – combined with creative freedom – is a powerful force.

So, does that mean everyone does a bit of everything?

I think it definitely helps to be an all-rounder and to have a healthy curiosity about what your colleagues are working on. We’re all very engaged and motivated as a team, and we have a degree of flexibility that allows us to jump onto projects as and when necessary. That being said, each person does have a unique area of expertise and the distribution of tasks is designed to make sure we’re being used to our fullest potential.

What have you enjoyed most about working for Traxpay in the short time you’ve been here, and what lies ahead for the company this year?

I’ve been most impressed by the individuals who I work alongside, and how their talents are combining to create truly innovative products. I think 2017 will bring new, exciting collaborations that are destined to be successful – and to turn a few heads!

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    March 8, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Great to see the team growing 🙂

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