• Meet the Team: Our New Director of B2B and Financing Products, Matthew, Talks Life at Traxpay  

Meet the Team: Our New Director of B2B and Financing Products, Matthew, Talks Life at Traxpay

It’s time once again to peel back the curtain and take a peek at the inner workings of Traxpay with the people who know the company best. This time around, Matthew – our Director of B2B Banking and Financing Products – shares his impressions of working at a start-up and outlines his aspirations for the future.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of a start-up? Is it “hip”/ “cool” to work there? 

The speed with which we can make decisions and get things done – it’s very liberating and energizing. As for being hip or cool, I wouldn’t know, I’m way past the age of being able to judge that! But it’s certainly fun.

What does your job involve, and how different is it working in your role for Traxpay versus other companies?

I look after our B2B Banking and Financing products. It’s mainly product management with some project work, pre-sales and partner relationships thrown in. The main differences between this and my previous jobs in banking and consulting are that I have to wear several hats, and do not have a large team to manage – it’s often a case of rolling your sleeves up and getting into the tiniest detail rather than passing it to someone else to do. That’s hard work but means that you stay as close as possible to the products and their implementation.

Tell us a bit about the team dynamic at Traxpay – what’s it like?

No fiefdoms or politics, just a group of determined people working together for a common aim. I hope we can maintain that spirit as we grow. It’s an honest and open culture – of course we have had our share of setbacks like any company, but I think we are good at analyzing them and deciding as a team that we are learning, moving on and improving all the time.

So, does that mean everyone does a bit of everything?

To a certain extent, yes. Each person has their particular specialism and area of responsibility, of course. But with a relatively small team and a lot of ground to cover, people pitch in. I’ve been in marketing meetings where a developer has made major contributions to content, and have seen our CEO do some hands-on software testing.

What have you enjoyed most about working for Traxpay so far?

The people. We have a great team. Plus seeing things from a new perspective, that of a fintech rather than the large financial and government institutions for which I have worked previously. We have found a niche that has massive potential and it is tremendously rewarding to see our hard work start to pay off.

How innovative is the work at Traxpay?

Extremely. I work with some smart people, whose diverse backgrounds help us come up with a lot of genuinely new ideas, sometimes out of left field. We’ve put many of the best of these into our current product set and have a ton of others which I’d love to see come to fruition as we expand.

Which Traxpay products do you like best and why? What is so exciting about the products?

The ones I own, unsurprisingly: B2B banking and financing. We sell mainly to banks, and my favorite meetings are the ones in which they let us talk directly to their corporate customers and demo what we can enable the banks to do for them. Demand is high and the final question is often “How soon can we have this?”

That is exciting, and it is because we have been careful to consider how best to meet the needs of the banks, the large buyer corporates and their diverse range of suppliers, from mom-and-pop shops upwards. Helping the banks to become true B2B networks is at the heart of what we do.

What lies ahead for the company this year? What’s the vision for 2017?

Signing up more European banks, starting some great projects to help them offer real innovation in financing. And we are starting to make inroads in the US too. I think America will be great for us but we are conscious both of the daunting size of that market and the differences in the financial environment compared to Europe. We have lined up some superb partners to help us there, and I’m very excited about that.

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