• Meet the team: Sabrina from HR talks about working at Traxpay  

Meet the team: Sabrina from HR talks about working at Traxpay

As Traxpay continues to grow and add talent in every area, it’s time to once again check in with another of our recent recruits. Sabrina joined Traxpay this year as our HR Manager, and shares her thoughts on start-up culture, building a world-class FinTech team and approaching every day with enthusiasm.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of a start-up? Is it “hip” to work there? 

It’s a very familiar atmosphere. I was working for software-related companies before and really like the way people interact. The way we work for a common goal drives the work in a very productive and positive way. In a start-up, your opinion is heard and it’s important for the overall productivity. Every one of us is important and does feel important. We’re not just employee X, Y or Z in a hamster wheel – the energy buzzing in the air is visibly perceptible. This boosts the whole team to perform at their best.

What does your job involve, and how different is it working in your role for Traxpay versus other companies? 

I am HR Manager and responsible for everything that’s related to our employees. Taking care of administrative and operative things does also involve acting as a “feel good” manager and having a friendly ear for everyone in the team. Working at Traxpay differs a lot from working at other companies and is the complete opposite of what I experienced before. Traxpay is modern and open, creative and driven, uncomplicated and direct. It involves much shorter chains of command than every other company I’ve worked for. For example, you visit someone’s desk and talk to them rather than writing an email. In addition, the environment is transparent. You know what’s going on and that does make working here uncomplicated and totally enjoyable.

Is there a sense that you can make a genuine difference to people by working at a start-up? 

People working at a start-up tend to refuse the “corporate way”, where working within entrenched processes feels like tilting at windmills. They search for a place where they don’t have to wear masks – or suits. A place where they don’t have to think about every word they say or where it takes an hour to write an email to be sure it complies with the company’s guidelines. That type of environment is definitely fertile ground for big, world-changing ideas. 

And how about Traxpay specifically? How is the company contributing to the future?

Well, what does a Software-as-a-Service offer? Service of course! – making the daily business of companies easier and more cost-efficient. I believe that Traxpay can offer a benefit to corporations as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises. Saving money, from an HR point of view, means company growth, i.e. hiring employees instead of letting them go.

How do people usually react when you tell them you work for a start-up? 

They’re really curious about what we do! “Start-up” is a buzz word for fresh, modern and innovative companies. They’re a bit in awe and think you’re living a risky lifestyle. Especially in HR, employees tend to be security-oriented. As for myself, I tried HR in a multinational corporation, and in an old-established German company (“We have always done it that way”) and decided that I really don’t fit in there. Finding Traxpay was love at the first job interview.  People working at a start-up are brave! But most of all, we dislike boring jobs! At Traxpay we keep it real.  

Tell us a bit about the team dynamic at Traxpay – what’s it like? 

First of all, the team dynamic is led by very character-focused recruiting. We have an eye on who fits in the team, and that makes the dynamic here very smooth and targeted. We don’t have to focus on team building a lot. As we all work for a common goal, the team dynamic reflects that. 

What have you enjoyed most about working for Traxpay?

What I enjoy most is the feeling that I have when I open my eyes in the morning. The feeling that (my child is awake way to early and) I totally love my job! Everything I do is meaningful; it has a value and is appreciated. Time flies when you like what you do.

How innovative is the work at Traxpay? What is so exciting about the products?

We connect the highest security standards with groundbreaking technology. Therefore, innovation at Traxpay is combining the best of both worlds. This is important for our customers. We fit in their existing ERP system and provide new beneficial functions.

What lies ahead for the company this year? What is the vision for 2017?

Although the journey is rewarding, the way is not the goal! Traxpay is going to mix up the financing scene and I am looking forward to it!

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