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Banks own the biggest payment network globally. They just don’t know it or cannot make use of it. Meanwhile existing B2B marketplaces threaten the positions of banks and want to intermediate between them and their customers. Ariba, salesforce and C2FO are just some examples.

Traxpay’s Financing Platform provides banks and corporations with a turnkey solution for digitizing supply chain financing transactions. Traxpay has developed and supported a multi-award-winning Software-As-a-Service Platform that helps banks to integrate into the existing ERP systems of their customers. The easy integration into the ERP systems enables seamless processes and combines all existing refinancing and investment instruments. This results in a Working-Capital optimization on the customer side and besides that the sellers achieve the highest possible flexibility for Supply Chain Financing.

This flexibility ensures ad hoc financing of individual invoices and unites all today’s existing refinancing instruments as a one-stop shop. The supplier has one view on cash forecasting but also optimized one-stop refinancing options.

Factoring, dynamic discounting, reverse factoring, bank credit lines and others are all optimized on a single platform. This leads to an integrated Cash-Management-Cockpit for suppliers, with the highest certainty of cash planning. On the buyer side the integration into the ERP systems is very safe and quick; and furthermore creates possibilities of cash optimization beyond todays investment opportunities. Technologywise, but also interest rate wise!

For banks which serve as sales and product partners, Traxpay generates additional revenue opportunities. Traxpay improves the stickiness with their customers and enlarges the product spectrum of the bank by a modern and state-of-the-art refinancing of working assets.

All Traxpay solutions can be optionally connected to and processed via the blockchain offering banks dedicated blockchain product use cases.

Traxpay supports banks’ efforts to digitalize their corporate banking business, strengthens their product portfolio and creates additional revenue.

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