Acronym Acronym meaning
A2A Account to Account
ACH Automated Clearing House
Acquirer Bank serving merchant in an open loop network
AeBA Aadhaar-enabled Bank Account
AFP Association for Financial Professionals
AML Anti-Money Laundering
APACS Association for Payment Clearing Services
API Application Programming Interface
ARC Account Receivable Conversion
AVS Address Verification Services
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B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BAN Bank Account Number
BBAN Base Bank Account Number
BHC Bank Holding Company
BIS Bank of International Settlement
BML Bill Me Later
BOC Back Office Conversion
BofFD Bank of First Deposit Checks
BSA Bank Secrecy Act
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
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C2B Consumer to Business
C2C Consumer to Consumer
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CCD Corporate Concentration and Disbursement
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
CFSI Center for Financial Services Innovation
Check21 Check Clearing for the 21st Century; a U.S. Federal Law
CHIPS Clearing House for International Payments Wires
CNP Card Not Present
COF Cost of Funds
CP Card Present
CTR Currency Transaction Report
CTX Corporate Trade Exchange
CVC Card Verification Code
CVC2 Card Validation Check Value
CVN Card Verification Number
CVV Card Verification Value
CVV2 Card Verification Value 2
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